Tuesday, June 2, 2009

@ 33

I'm gonna celebrate my 33rd Birthday soon and i have 33 reasons to rock it.

1) I'm blessed with good life partner

2) Happy to be pregnant again

3) Great marriage

4) Am getting a baby girl

5) Having 2 adorable boys

6) Getting a "huge" birthday present

7) Enjoying every moment being a scrapaholic

8) My business is still up and running

9) I am still the youngest in my family no matter how old I am

10) My family is complete (we've been wanting a girl)

11) I would smile when people look at me and tell me that I am 20s.

12) I still have 7 more years to prepare for my 40.

13) I look back at my 20s and smile as I recognize how much I have grown up

14) I learn to appreciate my past though sometime it was not perfect

15) I think I have learned the biggest lesson of my life.

16) I can start apply the 33 lessons that I have learned.

17) I got to stop finding myself.

18) I have to love myself.

19) I have to act more.

20) I am surely an adult now.

21) I think people take me more seriously when I am 33 than when I am 32 or less.

22) I am less vain

23) I'm healthy

24) My Family are healthy...no major sickness

25) I'm not into bags and clothes anymore

26) Pick up a wonderful hobby

27) Meet new good friends

28) Full time housewife

29) Wonderful house

30) Chic laptop

31) Soon to buy new handphone

32) Everlasting support from my mom

33) I have sooooo many reasons to celebrate my birthday

I did a layout as a celebration for my myself.


Mazlina said...

a nice one nadhrah.. love the layout and the picture! seems that you have the perfect life! :) enjoy your birthday!!

Chowchow said...

Happy Birthday babe. Apologies for forgetting your big day... Hope you have a great day today...

iza said...

lovely lo nadhrah n happy bday.u def dont look like 33...

Nadhrah said...

Thank u...thank u....for all the wishes. Really brighten up my day

Papier Love said...
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teacher jessy said...

Hope it is not too late to wish you Happy Birthday!! It was very thoughtful to think of the 33 reasons! Coolio...