Wednesday, January 21, 2009

7th Week - I need some energy!

I know this is my 3rd pregnancy...but am still excited about it. Today my gynae check up went really well...we could see the baby hearbeat. So cute! The baby is about 16mm...still very tiny but it is the right size for that week. Hey voila! I can see Little Angel - just a tiny dot with a loud and strong heartbeat...dub dub dub.

This week has been tough...I get ill in the evening and normally off to bed by 9pm! I could hardly find any energy to scrap or even do some reading. I hope this will pass soon.

I will find some time to write again...till then...take care

Friday, January 9, 2009

Back scrapping

I'm finally back feeling a little healthy today....decided to scrap just a page to keep my creativity running. So far my pregnancy have been blessed. No morning sickness as compare to my previous pregnancies. It's just I'm always tired and feeling sleepy all the time. Today i decided to peep at this website showing the gender of your baby... According to the Chinese Pregnancy Calendar (which claims 97% accuracy) I’m having a girl!! Thanks handy dandy calendar, we shall see! Hehehe..

Lately, I've been spending most of time at my mom's place and today i got back to my scrapping desk...oh no...i had so much things that i need to do. Everything is due due due. Sigh!

Frens...thanks for the lovely wishes....i shall leave now with new LO...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pregnancy & 29" TV

Yes, I'm expecting my 3rd child....I'm enjoying my "Bel far niente" time...hehehe...sorrie it is an Italian verse..."the beauty of doing nothing". I've been off from my scrapbooking basically doing some justice to my body...I'm finally relaxing. But my relaxing mode didn't last very cutie Zharif decided to pull some stunts today.

A 29" TV fell off and hit his ankle! 2 years old son or should I call him my superhero did it all by himself. No one in the house could explain his action.......huge and heavy and handled by 2 year old boy!

Where was everybody? Hmmm...mommy me was taking my afternoon mom was praying ..... Qawiem was screaming to my maid to catch her attention. And my dear Zharif has other things to do.

Thank broken bones. Ayah, if you are reading not worry. He's fine.

I'm gonna be on silent mode for a while till next week... I'm easily tired and sleepy. I need to adjust my body to my new environment. But I'm all excited and looking forward to my first 2009 scrapbooking class in Garden International School.

Ciao for now...

Friday, January 2, 2009

Marriage Is....

Marriage is the joining of two bodies and two minds
Past mistakes are unwanted and better left behind
From this day forth you must take care of each other
You’ll learn to draw strength each day from one another

The first year is hardest but you must learn to adapt
Find your middle ground and the rest will work out
It’s a beautiful journey if you are dedicated

Learn from mistakes and heed this advice
Never bring them up and never try them twice
Appreciate each other and be verbally kind

Each day when the sun sets leave your anger behind
As your journey progresses and the children arrive
Remember to keep your marriage alive
Your children will grow up and leave the nest

Make sure your marriage doesn’t die from loneliness
By following these words you’ll find marriage is bliss
And you’ll find there is no better place than this

Home is meant to be your soft place to fall
And the love you project will engulf it all

Thursday, January 1, 2009

My celebration

I spend my time celebrating new year last nite at my scrapping room....i still have loads of canvas stash that i bought sometime ago...i just feel it is time to start cracking my head and use them. Also it's been a while since i scrap my kids pics. I've been too contented with my customer orders.

I'm still in my vintagy mood...and to my follower am sure you can see the vintage elements in it. I still love the tearing and inking method. Basically my new resolution, i aimed to finish all my old scrapbook stash and make something useful. Then i'll be able to justify that i need to shop again! Hehe..

This picture was taken 2 months ago...lately it's been hard to capture good pics with my 2 kids together especially when Qawiem refuses to sit still next to his bro.