Saturday, August 30, 2008

My Cookies World

Due to unforeseen circumstances, i have to change my cookies blog to another address. Please feel free to browse my new environment here. These cookies are well suited biscuits for all occasions, made of products of the finest ingredients with no preservatives and guaranteed satisfaction to your tastebud's content!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Boat Ride @ Mines

I decided to take the kids for boat ride...this is our second ride...the first time we took the south route. This time we tried the north route which has much nicer scenery. Zharif was a bit cranky and same goes with Qawiem.It is supposed to be their sleeping time but mama forced them to go for a boat ride....oops. Didn't manage to shoot nice pics of them. This is definitely a nice ride to try for RM25, the satisfaction is guaranteed.

Monday, August 25, 2008

What does Merdeka mean to you?

'What does Merdeka mean to you?' and I'm sure all of you must have different reasons and mixed reactions & responses to this question. To me, 'Merdeka' means that I have a place I can call home and I can proudly say it to the world, 'I'm Malaysian'. Though at this point in life I dun feel like saying this, hehehe..... But this still means that I am not illegal nor I am stateless. I am free to leave the house and I don't live in fear.

Even though Qawiem doesn't really understand the meaning of Merdeka ...but he's been singing Sudirman song - Tanggal 31 over and over again. When I ask him whether he wants to see the merdeka celebration this year - he says "no...I'm scared's too noisy".

P/S: He is referring to the fire crackers show at KLCC that he once experienced

While Qawiem is busy singing, Zharif is still in his own world of Ultraman....look at him...imitates every single move of his brother. I'm not suprise if tomorrow he sings Tanggal 31....

Happy Birthday Kesh!

This cute boy will be celebrating his 2nd birthday actually. I hope u like this gift...from me, Uncle Poi, Qawiem & Zharif.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

2nd day @ my new home

I just had couple of hours sleep... mean really just few hours sleep. Slept at 4.30am but everything is settled for Scrappingglitz new arrival.Phew!

Now am back cracking my head for new projects but am more excited furnishing my new home here..hehe. Am off for lunch soon...feel like eating banana leave rice...hmmm yummy yummy...we might go to the one in Bangsar. PJ it seems forever to get there at this hour. Till later...

Monday, August 18, 2008

My New Home ...Welcome!

Thanks for stopping by.Welcome to my new home!I'm still doing a little decorating and getting settled in. 'Been working behind the scenes for a smooth transition. I'm really likin' it here.

You can still access my old blog here. I will keep it so that you can view my older posts.

There's lots more to do. I'm currently gradually filling in those photo albums for your viewing.

Since I don't have a current online gallery, this is going to the place where I will post my projects.

In the meantime, feel free to look around.