Saturday, June 11, 2011

Great Week

This week is great for me...besides feeling awesome at 35, i celebrate my birthday with full of joy around the people i love. Wow, i cannot believed how time passed by very quickly but when i look back everything around me, nothing that i could ask for more besides thanking God for things he plans for me. Thank you friends and family, for the wishes u send me....and for my new follower on my such a honor to have somebody read and follow my blog. Thank you. Stay tune till my next post as i'm giving a giveaway for my loyal followers. The photos will be up in the next blog post.

Back to my scrapping table, i finally finished the latest OUAS challenge. This week criteria fits me really well as i've wanting to scrap this particular picture of my daughter. Here is the criteria...and if you think you are up to it, please do join me there.

Our JOURNALLING CRITERIA this time is to journal about a female. It can be ANYONE...your self, your best friend, your daughter,grandma, mum, sister, cat. ...As long as you write at least 2 sentences about the female in the photo (you can always create a CARD or ALTERED item based on this sketch and use a quote instead) . Your jounralling can be any type, i.e. typed, printed etc.

So here is my take..

I'm so excited to see my last layout was featured there too. Thanks to the team, precious moments to be given such opportunity. It was my daughter layout using bright colors from Echo Park.

Don't forget to follow my blog for the giveaway. Stay tune ya...

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Scrap for Help

I found this site when i was reading Nadia's blog and i was touched with her post. I didn't wait long to check on this site. I find it truly amazing that there is people who will put so much effort getting something like Scrap For Help, where they have aims to be able to help people thru Scrapbooking. With the supports from UN Brazil and United Nations, i'm pretty sure all words will go around really quickly especially with efforts like this. From bottom of my heart, bravo ladies...for the all this effort. Besides helping people, this site is running monthly challenges. They do have DTs and i'm sure you will find somebody familiar there. Check out their first challenge...

For the first challenge of Scrap For Help inspire us think of Valentine's Day that is celebrated here in Brazil on 1 June.

You can join this challenge with a LO, altered, ATC, mini album, tag, etc ...

Valentine's Day, Love, Feeling, etc

Flags and bubble wrap

* You will always find in our challenges a rule to use recycled material, this rule is fixed, is required to contain this item in your project, to be eligible for the draw.


** This is an international blog, so Anyone Can Enter

** You are allowed to create a card, layout or off-the-page item, but you must include the recycled item Mentioned above.

** Post your creation on your blog or an online gallery and link it on Our right sidebar using the Link tool. Please provide a direct link to your post, not your Entire blog.If the link tool is down, please leave a comment on the comments section and link your layout there.

** The deadline for this challenge is midnight June 30th. The Design Team Will vote and the winner and the Top 5 projects Will be announced soon after the challenge has finished.

** YOU MAY enter the many times as you like and combine this with other challenges.

So here is my take...

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Its a relieved

I can now stretch my leg and relax. I finally finish all my big custom orders and i'm so happy that i delivered them on time. Its great to be back at my scrapping table...scrapping for myself! It was so chaotic at my scrap table for the past few weeks and my kids been complaining that i'm just so busy. Poor them...i'm all theirs for this weekend! My eldest son, Qawiem was so happy and the moment he saw me when i pick him up from school...." So u finished all your scrapwork? Can we play now?" Poor him....yes yes...we can now play!

Ohh...i did my pop class with the guy that i mentioned in my previous post....the class lasted for 5 hours! Oh well, i'm kinda impressed with him...he did well for a first timer! He finished everything and off he goes to his girlfriend to present his hard work! How romantic!

My re branding of my handmade shop - Glitz Creations is almost done. The new logo is ready and i'm very happy with my designer. She did an amazing job and we are now looking into extracting some graphics from Glitz blog design to be the cover for my handmade journal. The graphics will soon be my journal trademark! I'm excited! Here is the new logo....please do leave comments and i really want to know how you feel about it.

Again...i'm very grateful that i was given an opportunity by Jaime to play with Calico Kits again. I had so much fun and seriously i'm in love with Calico now! Be it layout or canvas....papers are just versatile and easy to work with. Here is my creations..

Btw, June kits is now available @ 3 Scrappy Boys. Do check them out. I will update in the next post on my new projects using their main kit. The kits is to die for...everything looks yummy it it. Here is peeks...

Till again...take care..

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Still Crazy But...

Things a still crazy back here but i decided to sit back and enjoy scrapping for myself. I missed the previous TCR challenge and i couldn't help myself for not participating # 60. I've been eyeing on my latest Webster Page which has been sitting on my scrap table for the past 2 weeks. ...ohh i'm having a crush on Webster Page and i'm still there. LOL! I was at a quilt shop last few days and i found Fabric Paper which you can print photos on them. Usually they use it for quilt or bags....and i thought it will be great for my project. So this time, i'm experimenting using Fabric Papers and here is the outcome. If you look picture i print on the pattern paper and the other one i print them on Fabric Paper. I thought this is cool. Hope u like them too.


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Super Pops Album

I had this opportunity to meet a customer, happen to be a guy at Papier...and he wanted to do a little special for his girlfriend's birthday. He showed me a you tube video of a few pop ups cards combined to be a book. And he is looking for someone to teach him how to do it. Frankly it was really a challenge for me. Creating something like this...trying to figure out the mechanism of the album. Well....i'm kinda happy it turns out like this...but seriously i spend too much hours on it. But hey...i'm happy to tell that guy now...lets meet! I'm ready to teach you! For those who are interested, you can email me or Papier so that we can organise the class for you too!

Monday, May 23, 2011


I know there is no one else to be blame but me...i think i over committed on custom orders and i have yet to stop creating for the past 2 weeks. I'm stuck like a glue to my scrapping table almost everyday for almost 10 hours per day.Thats crazy right??? I know is good for the business but on the other hand, i'm exhausted. Is hard for me to turn down my customers. I should really learn how to say no sometimes. I think the exhaustion part i could leave with it, but i'm more stressed for not being able to scrap for myself! Haha...LOL!!!

So i did it tonight....i put away all the orders and i just have to play with my new stash that just came in. Yippeee....thanks to 3 Scrappy Boys...your shipment came seriously fast! As i was going thru my scrapping to do list...i know that i've yet to submit the OUAS latest challenge! Nadia, is hard not to participate...your challenge is always so fun! So here it is....using Echo Park Summer Days...presenting my DAUGHTER...hehehe...

Ladies, for those who dropped by and leave such a darling ladies are really awesome. From bottom of my heart....thank you thank u.

Till again....

Friday, May 20, 2011

Webster Page

You know sometimes i wonder myself what kind of scrapper i am. I noticed some scrapper always have the same style which is their own trademark. I envy this people because i cannot seems to find one for myself! LOL. Being fickle doesn't help it at all. I love everything...i don't really have special brand or scrapping style that i like. I just love anything that captures my eyes. Like now, for the past 1 week i've been eyeing on Webster Page. Everything looks yummy especially the new CHA stuff.

As for scrapping style, i don't really have one. I'm the type of person who likes to try everything. I get bored scrapping same style every time. Is that good or bad? Haha... Anyway, here i am sharing with you my take on TCR #58 Challenge.

I also did a page as birthday gift for a friend of mine...she's actually my breakfast partner.Still using Webster Page! I'm not sure how long this craving gonna last but i'm enjoying it. Love WP.