Sunday, January 30, 2011

7 + 5

That is how long i have known my husband. We dated for 5 years and our wonderful marriage just turn 7 last week. He is definitely a great guy and i have no doubt i married the right guy. We are just like any other couple ....we do have arguments but i guess we are very committed to our kids and that bring extraordinary love. I hope this stays forever.

I was looking at Pencilines latest sketches, why not i scrap our photos. By the way, Mr Postman just drop by to give me the "Be Mine" collection from Echo Park. As i was very inspired by Iris Babao Uy, her white space usage is such an amazing work, i couldn't stop myself from trying.

"Be Mine" collection is very lovely papers with the combo colors of grey, pink, black and white. Frankly i never actually play with this colors. I decided to mist the layout before decorating them. This is very Iris. I wish this kit comes with 2 pieces of every design, because typical me i usually like front and back. When i got the kit, it has only 1 of each design. Is definitely hard to choose which side i want coz i like them all!!! LOL

Hope u enjoy my take...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Layout and & Cleaning in Progress

I cannot believe how much junk i have in my scrap room. Going thru each and every one is just taking too much time. I've just sorted all the pattern papers and i can tell you it took me like 2 days to just clear that part. I have so much papers and i'm still eyeing for more. Hahaha. One thing that i'm very happy that i also sorted out my ribbon rolls. I found this mini cubicle and it fits all the rolls. Here is how it looks like. I still have long way to go before i could have nice, clean, neat scrap room. Can't wait for that!

I decided to participate in the Color Room latest palette challenge...which is the #42. I've always admire people who follows the palette closely and i really want to try them one day. So here i am, my take for the challenge.

I've always been a fan of Ronda Palazzari....her splattering of paint are just awesome. I can't help but to try her techniques but i twisted it a bit by using crayon. It definitely dries faster than paint. Hope you like it too.

Till again

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Looking forward

I cannot believed that it has been 3 months since i last blogged. It get a little dusty over here!! Haha... I have finally settled down with a good domestic helper and thats a big relieved for me. But it took me a difficult journey to get the kids comfortable with her and i was so drained out late last year. But good thing everything is almost alright and i can be back here.

But that doesn't stop me from creating and window shopping as far as scrapping is concern. Hahaha...once a scrapper is always a scrapper right?? I seen so many fabulous work around the country and lots of new stuff especially this coming 2011 CHA winter. Very yummylicious i must say.

I started this new with this resolution in particular .....organising my scrap room. It used to look like a "jungle" (my husband's favourites quote!). But there is so much to do. I started doing a few organising my embellishment, stamps and ribbons. It took me about 5 days already and i'm still half way thru. I found clear casing from a bakery shop and it really does wonders to keep things organised. It comes in different sizes such as 4" x 4" , 5" x 5", 9" x 4"...etc. Prices? Seriously cheap...cost me just RM1.50 the most!

Round Clear Casing for my ribbons

Square Casing for my embellishment

Square Boxes for my Prima Flowers

I thought i started this year scrapping by some sketches. I saw this lovely one from Pencilines. I decided this should be the best times to use my old stash that has been piling up here at my room. So here it is my take using K&Co Amy Butler Paper - The AB Lotus Faded China Collection.

I'm really looking forward to create more this year. Hoping my brain will function well to generate more creative juices. Hehe...Happy New Year Scrapper!