Saturday, October 2, 2010

What's In My Bag

I know that i have decided to step down from all my DTship but deep down in me i know that i have not given up on scrapbook. Its just hard to find some little quality time but i must not forget "The Person" who still believe in me and value my small contribution. Thanks Mich! When she emailed out the challenge for Scrap it Lah October Challenge...i was clueless on how should i start doing it. I was still mojoless...being away too much from scrapping table doesn't seems to help at all.

I was also stressed out at home handling domestic helper issues which never ends. I know that i'm not alone in this department but i hope one fine day i could fine a nice decent one who really wants to work with no hassle. Or maybe i shouldn't hope. Arrgghhhhh...sigh sigh sigh.

It took me 3 nights to finish this Scrap It Lah Challenge. This is the longest period that i took to complete just 1 page. But i'm happy, once i'm done with it, i can just go on and on and i finish another one! Yeay! and another Yeay because i managed to scrap Tihany's First Birthday picture.

Ohh..Tihany is already 1 year old and she has started walking now. Her steps are still wobbly, it will take sometimes before her legs get strong but she is certainly thriving each moments. Very very talkative...she's able to call me..."Ama" means Mama, "Yah" means Dad, "Abe" means "Brother" and "Ba" means "Bird" cute.

Please head over to Scrap It Lah's blog for interesting challenge this month. You are required to scrap What is in your handbag? We thought it would be fun to document some day to day life scenarios and one of the things that we women can't do without is our handbags. We would like you to take a photo/photos of your handbag and the contents of it and scrap it into a layout for us this month.

Here is my take.....look at what i have in my bag! I'm a proud owner of Iphone 4! I queue for whole day just to get that phone....hahahaha...silly me right??

I'm also sharing with you another LO i made using Tihany's First Birthday Picture. Look at how happy she is ....Happy Birthday My Love.

Monday, September 6, 2010

What i've seen...

I used to hop around blogs looking at how amazing people create their layouts but i have stop hopping since my mojo went away. But i managed to peek at some of them last week ...and oh wow...i was totally overwhelmed looking how creative they can think when constructing their layouts. I would like to share it with you and let me know if you share same opinion with me.

This is top of my list...created by Leena Loh - I must say she played well with all the white space. With a splatter of looks so interesting that i could not take my eyes away.

My 2nd favourite list came from Michelle - Michelle has used some of her old papers..maybe the collection was 3-4 years back.This is why we should not forget old stash. You never know ideas might just come and old can become something new and fresh.

Last one is from Emeline....Look at how creative Emeline - ...did with this LO. Blending plain printed papers and some colors make it look so beautiful.

Lastly from me! haha...i love it because it is my daughther's pic. Love her petite looks when she was 6 months.

Btw...i'm totally overwhelmed with the responses from all you. Thank so much for the lovely inspire me to create more! Appreciate it all!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Mr Mojo...nice to see you again!

Since my last post i thought i am going to be diligently updating my blog but that was just a say... fasting month is kinda tough to do lots of things. First 2 weeks i was busy with the prayers and last week was the whole baking cookies marathon. But it was nice to finally get to scrap and clean the mess that i have here in my scrap room. I look at my stash...oh wow...i should find some time to scrap more often. I must say i have so much stuff here and sometimes i forget what i have. Maybe i should start making stash catalogue! hahaha...

I have this collection from Fancy Pants which i adore to the max. I love the colors, designs, basically everything there. It is the Father & Son Collection. I'm all excited when i started playing with the papers and it was nice of Mr Mojo to drop by even just for a day. I made 2 layouts of my boys....the big and the small ones...hehe. And i kinda like how it turns out to be.

Well , i will come back again soon, is a promised k! ....and now i'm off for a final rounds of baking before Raya. Wishing all of you a safe journey where ever you are going and have a fun holidays!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Long long due

My god...its been so long since my last post. I'm dusting away all the spiderwebs around my blog. hahaha...i'm not sure what happen. I just lost my mojo, my strength to scrap. I just spend my nites watching tv, movies and sleep. It was really a good break. I think i was tired. I found another new hobby that really occupied my energy and mind....i've become a exercise freak! I guess that is why i find myself in hibernate mode by 10pm. But deep in my heart, i've yet to forget my love for scrapbook. Finally after so so much effort, i've made 2 layouts today. It felts so good! hahaha....

I love this one....this pic was taken 2 weeks ago in Cameron Highlands. This is the picture that was take at the right time with the right look! I love how i look into Tihany. Thanks to my hubby for the shots!

This pics was another adorable one....i love how Tihany was so happy to be in the pool for the first time.
I'm not sure when i will be back...but i hope it will be pretty soon. Lots of pics to scrap! Till again...

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Scrap It Lah Blog Hop

I can't believed it how time flies so fast...Scrap It Lah is a year old now! Its amazing how my friend...Michelle first started it and the response has been tremendously well. Congrats to you dear! To celebrate this event, Scrap It Lah is hosting a blog hop and lots of yummylicious RAKs to be given away. In order to lay your hands on those stuff, you need to play along with challenges. As part of team is my challenge...

Be Creative With Alphas....i want some with whatever alphas you have...u can use chipboard, stickers, rub ons,etc....
i want to see how you play with them.

Here is my take..
And as for the is from me...

The rule is have 5 days to complete from tomorrow which will ends on 15 April 2010 Midnight Malaysia Time. I know the datelines are tight but we have 6 challenges to complete this month. Please note other rules as below.

Conditions do apply:

Please send in your submissions either via our email at or through our comments section by the April 15th mighnight Malaysia time. Kindly note that we are unable to entertain any layout that is sent after the stipulated time and please note that the layout sent should solely be submitted for the Scrap-It-Lah challenge and not for any other challenges. Yes, we welcome international submissions as we would love to see Scrap-It-Lah grow.

Have fun!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I have decided...

to take a not applying or accepting anymore DT position. Its been tough lately to find a little time to scrap. Kids are demanding more time from me and by end of the day i get so exhausted and all i can think about is rest rest rest. All this while i have been sacrificing my sleeping time. When the kids goes to bed usually by 10pm and this is where i start my scrap work and i will scrap till really late.

Because i was sooo into scrapbooking, i usually wakes up being tired. Being a single mom when my husband is away working is really a challenge. I reached a point that i have to decide what matters most.... i am getting sick more frequently and is really not good in the long run. I just want to relax and scrap my family photos with no deadlines.

When i think about it..i have been doing this for the past 2.5 years. Its time to really slowdown. Most of DTs work will end by June. Don't get me wrong...i will not stop scrapping but i just want to scrap freely with no timeline. I just want to have fun...

Its been 2 weeks since my last post. I was really tired, can't even get myself to scrap but i am so happy my mojo came back yesterday. I was dying to play with Nikki's New Collection Bella Blue and Oscar Too. I came out with this idea and i hope u like it.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Want to hear this???

This is a very exciting news to share.... Nikki Sivils, Bella Blvd and Jillibean Soup are organizing extravaganza blog crawl and this is happening on 5th March 2010. This is a huge thing for these 3 companies and as a DT I am excited to tell you all about it.

What will happen on 5th March?
  1. Come over to Nikki Sivils's Blog, you will see the gifts that Jillibean Soup is giving away.
  2. You will also see what Nikki and her participating design team members' handmade gifts using purely her products.
  3. What you need to do is to leave comments at each blog and move on through the list
  4. You head over to Bella Blvd, see the gift that Nikki Sivils, Scrapbooker is giving away, along with a list of Bella Blvd's design team ladies and you'll do the same thing over there.
  5. Next you move on to Jillibean Soup's blog, see the gifts that Bella Blvd is giving...along with all of Jillibean Soup DT gals, leave a comment then go to the next.
  6. There are over 50 handmade gifts and product giveaways!!
  7. Don't panic because you'll have the entire weekend of March 5th to visit all the blogs and leave a comment for a gift... it's an entire weekend of blogging and giveaways! We'll announce all the winners Monday morning!! Doesn't that sound like fun!!
So ladies...I'm also participating in this exciting blog crawl which means I have something to give away too...So don't forget to be where you supposed to be on 5 March ok!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sketch Mood

If you happened to experience the mojo-less moments, Sketch Blog is a good place to start. Sketch definitely will help you out in getting the ideas out. Since i've scrapping so much lately, i started getting bored a little bit. So i head on to few interesting sketch blog for some inspirations. Here is some my take ...

Challenge 1 @ Scrapbook Challenges

And my last layout ... my lovely Zharif dressing in his "Sam Fu" for a School Chinese New Year party and i'm glad that i have Chinese New Year paper from Farflung Craft and lovely stamps from Momoyo. Thank u ladies for giving me opportunity to play with them.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

When do i tell myself to slow down??

I'm still scrapping like crazy and i seriously don't know why. I've actually develop a strong relationship with my scrapbook and i'm totally crazy over this! And today i feel really really tired but i'm still overwhelmed when i look at my new DT kit from Nikki. Check out at the end of this creations of her lovely papers.

Last week i spend 2 days creating 20 pages of 8"x 10" for a commisioned work. Phew! That was crazy. But maybe not as crazy as taking my kids out to Aquaria on Chinese New Year Day cum Valentine's Day! The queue was sooooo long and my kids got exhausted even before we went in. I make wrong judgement on the date again! Sorrie kids!!!!

Today i wanted to share what i have done for the past 1 week...

Commissioned work for a customer
Challenges at The Studio is my take. You need to scrap about the love of your life.

Birthday gift for a friend...

Lastly...what i did just now....of course the latest from Nikki Sivils..Flaming Butterfly collections. Goodness...this papers are interesting to play with. I really love the color. Her die cuts are extremely versatile.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Getting More Productive

I've been more and more productive this is much easier when i have the mojo. I can just go on and on creating LO after LO. I think my track record was 10 pages per day. That is like from morning till like midnight - scrapping non stop! Haha...

Long weekend is approaching ... the Chinese are celebrating the Chinese New Year. What year is this? the Year of the Tiger. This is what the internet has to say about this year...

The coming 2010 year of the metal Tiger is around the corner. It looks like we've got mood swinging, vigorous and hard-working year ahead. As you might guess, coming 2010 year of the metal Tiger is passionate, honest and modest. Sun sign horoscope for the 2010 year of the Tiger like his animal sing is naturally forgiving, rarely holding grudges for long, it symbolizes eternal family values, rate highly friends support and care.

But whatever it says...we hope that this year will be a good year for all of us. Good health, good money....good in everything. For my friends who are celebrating Chinese New Year....Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!

Here is more LO to share...

This one was created using Far Flung Craft Papers...& Momoyo Stamps.

Brother & Me LO...priceless picture of Qawiem & Tihany.

Finally...Little Princess Riding Hood....she was about to take her shower and she was all in the hood. I was lucky enough to have the camera besides u go...My Cutie Tihany

Sunday, February 7, 2010

1 hour Project

I discover this frame by trial and error from my frame supplier. We were actually trying to find best ways to frame all my layouts. This is one of the sample that the shop did. I wonder how do you frame your layouts? I just find putting them into the 12 x 12 album is quite boring. We all put our layouts there. I feel framing will best displays layouts and when u hang it definitely looks more interesting. Back to this took me just 1 hour to do it. Most of the products are Fancy Pants.....from paper, rub ons, transparency. Have a look...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mary Jane Kiss

Following to the successful blog hop @ ScrapbookChallenges in January, i'm very happy and honoured to be chosen as February Guest Designer. I was given an interesting sketch to work on and i decided to chose this wonderful picture of me and Zharif. Zharif is totally into Spiderman and all he can think about is his it his miniature toys or Spiderman CD or Spiderman model...if anyone goes missing...everybody in the house will go mad looking for it. He will cry and scream until he gets his Spiderman. At least once a day i have to let him watch the Spiderman CD ....from the 1st till the 3rd one. He can memorize all the script and action in all 3 sequels. The one that gave me a shock is the Mary Jane kiss. My hubby manage to shoot this pic of him kissing his Mary Jane ...which is his Mummy! Hahaha...cute.

Here is the sketch given to me to work on and also my take.

In this layout, i use quite a bit of new stamps collection from Momoyo Scraps. They will soon be available at their shop. I love them all especially the Butterfly and the Love quotes.

Back at Scrap It Lah this month, Michelle has come with interesting combo challenge. We are required to combine Oriental and Valentine elements into 1 layout. See told ya...this is interesting...i am sure very little of us has done it before including me. It took me a while before i come out with the idea. Here is mine....

Do check out at Scrap it Lah for other DTs incredible work. You might get some inspiration there.

Nikki Sivils is having additional members. We are all so excited with this news.. addition to Nikki's Family. Here are the new team members....Welcome New Diva!

Anna Louise Bowkis is from the UK
Norma Kennedy is from IN
Elizabeth Carney is from WA
Janis Medina-Maghinay is from the Philippines
Delaina Burns is from AL
Katrina Hunt is from MO

Nikki also added the Card & Stamping DT Diva...check them out too..

Andrea Budjack is from FL (Her blog is coming soon.)
Rae Barthel is from AL
Linda Beeson is from CA
Lori Roop is from Ohio
Christine Ousley is from AL

Take care and have a nice weekend.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Better Now

I'm so happy that i finished 2 layouts yesterday and 1 tonight. No no, i'm not on scrapping marathon , its just i have some extra mojos and i have one guest designer assignment . My moods are better now...i'm not so angry at that person anymore...i'm just letting it go...maybe thats better. Thank you for those friends that cares. Means a lot to me.

I guess everyone is back from CHA by now. Almost every nite i'm drooling over all the new stuff. Gosh, i need to make sure my cash is sky high so that i can have them all...hahaha.. how i wish
i' m working like before...definitely i will be checking out on all online store clicking everything. At this moment...i'm still thinking which one i want first...hmmm....think clikc...think click! Hehe...

Here is my latest 2 LOs...yes my cutie Tihany. Ohh i've started her solids today. I know its still early but i think she's ready. She loved it!

Psssss...check out Bo Bunny Papers...aren't they cute???

Thursday, January 28, 2010

In dedication to the ladies of my life with current girl friend troubles

There was a time in my life when girl friends came first…before boys, before family, before me. i would do anything for my friends. In my eyes, they were my world and therefore i was a damn good friend. I was the friend who would fight if it meant having my friend’s back.

I was that friend…until those same “friends” broke my heart.

Girls can be deceiving, malicious, bitchy, jealous and if you’re like me then you’ve already learned the hard way. we can complain about it and wonder why we don’t have more girl friends but the fact is there will always be girls like that, no matter how old we get. so do we continue to bitch about it or learn from it?

Now...i want to be selective..i wanna let very few people in. i wanna trust little coz i cannot handle bullshit. if the friendship is one sided, i’m out! super needy friends make me vomit. crazies don’t have a place in my life. i hate liars and yes i judge.

sounds harsh, i know, but being this way protects my heart and allows me to eliminate those that fake the funk while holding on to the ones that matter. in the end, it's all about the friendships that will last forever...forever friends...even if it’s a select few.

real friends are better than more friends.

For my true know who you are...thank u for the friendship!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It was 6 years ago...

6 years ago I said “I Do”, and it was the best thing I ever did. I just celebrated my wedding anniversary and it was really a blast. No expensive gift this time (hahaha) just the quality time we had that really make a difference. Happy Anniversary to u bie!

I did 2 layouts of my boys....i found Fancy Pants Paper from the Rough & Tough Collections..i just love them...the colors was very vibrant and it is really cool papers for boys. Here is what i did...

I love My Playtime...this is based on Sketch 182 @ ScrapbookChallenges.Com
Enjoy Life @ The Park...this is based on January 16 Challenge @ The Studio Scrapbook 101
Do pop by at the Challenge's Blog. Some cool prizes to win and definitely will boost up your creativity with all this challenge. Adios!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Where should i start...

So many things to share... not sure where should i start. Its been 6 years and i'm celebrating my anniversary this weekend. me thats really a long time. We definitely had lots of happiness, fun, arguments and so much events need to be documented. I pulled out my honeymoon album last nite....and i'm glad that we are still very much in love with each other...blessed with our 3 children.

Since the honeymoon picture were out and i was feeling lots of love...hahaha...i made a hanging mobile using Nikki's Valentine's Collection - U R My Favourite. It was easy as the colors was sweet and vibrant. I took me just 2 hours to complete the whole thing. I also did few layouts using the same collections too.

Hanging Mobile
Mom & Me Layout

Cherish Memories Layout

Excited...why? As Guest Designer @ Bad Girls Project 52, i was challenged by their team together with 2 other GDT. We were asked to create an altered art based on this criteria

Challenge # 8 – FRAME & FILL frame - good size, found, repurposed, purchased, wood, or metal, etc… fill – image, artwork, copy-right free image, or collage, etc...) NOTE - READ RULES CAREFULLY - MAKE SURE TO LINK LAYOUT ON THE MESSAGE BOARD!

  • Theme – Birds

    (real, fantasy, feathers, eggs, nests, or trees, etc…)
  • Required material Glass

    (marbles, sea glass, microscope slides, altered frame glass, broken mirror or glass tesserae, etc…)
AND my bird cage made it as BEST OVERALL EXECUTION!!!

For those who have interest in altered art, please join us here. This platform is really fun as they have so much to share....and their challenges are really rock! If you join us for this challenge, you will stand a chance to be their February Guest Designer!
Remember due January 30, 2010 MIDNIGHT Pacific

Back @ The Studio Scrapbook 101...their 1st January Challenge are fun to begin scrapping for this year. Here is the criteria:

  1. Make a page that includes a lot of “white space”.
  2. The subject of your page should be something that scares you; scrap your fears!
  3. Use 3 photos in the design of your page – but don’t forget that white space!
I had so much fun playing with whites and have a look with what i did. Come ladies...great prizes to win from Studio Calico!

Seriously Fearless Boy Layout

Have fun looking!