Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009

Everything happens for a reasons and i'm blessed with so many good things this year...such as
  1. I'm a mother of 3 now
  2. Still happily married
  3. Some of my scrapwork got publised
  4. Secured some DT positions
  5. Still being able to buy scrapbook stuff....haha...courtesy of my hubby
One main thing that i would like to achieved for next year is to really loose weight! Haha...i still have my baby belly and non of my clothes fits me! As for my slimming center said today, they have set a target that i have to loose 4.8kg! on earth can i do that???

Anyway, i hope everything is well for you as well and last but not least Happy New Year and may god bless you they way He bless me!

See ya in 2010! is my sneak preview of my latest LO. Not able to show them yet! Soon k..

Friday, December 25, 2009

December 16 Challenge @ The Studio Scrapbook 101

I decided to give this Challenge a shot...since that i have my kids pictures with Santa Claus and i do not have to use Christmas Paper...i find this rather interesting. We are all very used to using Christmas Paper for Christmas photo...this challenge will definitely give you a twist. You can check out some inspiration from their DTs here. The requirement to this challenge is:

  1. It wouldn’t be right without a little bit of Christmas spirit (just a little bit!), so make a Christmas layout without using Christmas themed papers or embellishments
  2. Use only 1 photo
  3. You can not use alphabet stickers. (You may stamp, hand cut, etc.)
Here is my take....hope u like it. Anyway...Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Challenge @ The Studio Scrapbook 101

I found this fun community called The Studio Scrapbook 101 and hey ... this place is quite interesting to join. They have blog, forum, classroom, etc. They are quite active and they do have very fascinating and popular scrapper to host tutorial or even challenges. I decided to join their 1 December Challenge hosted by well known scrapper Ingvild Bolme. What is she asking for is ...
  1. Your layout should be based on the theme of childhood – it can be your own or someone elses.
  2. Use a frame of some kind in the design of your layout
  3. Use layers – can be paper, ribbon, whatever you like, but layer it up!
So i took up the challenge and this is what i make.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Whats happening @ Nikki Sivils

Nikki Sivils is looking for 2 more talented scrapper out there to join her DT team. This will be a a short term from February to May, 2010.

To submit, email the following information:

1. In a single paragraph tell us about your scrapbooking style and a little bit about you too!

2. Please send a recent photo of you and a link to your blog and any online galleries in which you participate (include your user name or screen name).

3. Please only send 3 attachments in total, of the following:

*A single or double page layout about yourself;

*A card or paper project; and

*And any layout that shows your true scrapbooking style that you love and want us to see.

4. Send us a link to one of your online galleries or from your blog of a mini album that you have made. (It can be about anything.)

5. Include your name and contact information, including phone number.

Send your submissions to with"Willie-Bee's DT Call" in the subject line!

For more information...please refer to the first DT call for more details.

I'm glad that i finished all the Christmas line papers sent by Nikki to me. This is my last creations and yeay i finally have some Christmas pictures. This was taken at Buzzy Bee Christmas Party. This is Qawiem previous school and it was nice of his old teacher to invite him and some of his friends.

Also i found a cute door sign.....and it has Princess word on it...i just have to have them. I sand it and apply few layers of mod podge together with paint and glitter turns out great with the Nikki Sivils Valentines Collection - U R My Favourite. I also added an extra Styrofoam so that i can decorate more and added Tihany's picture. This is how it looks like...

Till then....take care

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Little Genius

The love of my life, Zharif is the middle child of our family. As mom, I have often poo pooed the idea of the very existance of "middle child syndrome". However since Tihany was born, he seems to be showing lots of tantrums but thankfully he has slow down now. I was having a chat with his school teacher the other day and she was mentioning how Zharif would always wants to be notice. He wants attention!

As much as i tried to be fair to my 3 kids sometimes i slip away. Maybe i was giving too much to Qawiem and he noticed. I might be feeding Tihany and he wants me to read to him. The rejection on his face.... the looks...ohhh really breaks my heart. How on earth do i give out fairly? Maybe somebody might have a solution to this....coz sometimes i'm clueless!

This photos of Zharif was taken at Christmas party last week at his school. He's constantly wants to do everything to just impress me....Like showing me how he can join together the puzzle.He was holding my hands all the time. Oh Zharif...even you didn't impress me...mama will always be proud of you. I love you so dearly!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Tihany First Mini Album & A Layout

I actually finished this album maybe about a month ago and just realised that i forgot to blog about it. I try to run away from the usual pink color for baby girl instead i used green and brown. But i felt the album wasn't complete as the pictures i took for Tihany was a bit blur and it doesn't turned out great. That is because i've stop taking pictures and somehow i think i have lost my touch. That is something i should improve for the coming new year. Wow, new year is approaching very soon and so much has happen this year. I'm sure it works the same for all of you. We might achieved what we wanted to but maybe we don't like me!! LOL. Lets see what this new year will bring ... whether i can finish what i intend to.

I finished another layout of Tihany ....i love how she looks like in her hat. At first i thought i should use this for a sketch challenge but last minute i change my mind. I bought lots of new pattern paper and i just go crazy ...don't know which want to choose. So typical of me...fickle!

Well that is about it for today.

I have a few more creations yet to share, hopefully I will be back soon to share.

Have a great week!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Number 1 Fun Sister

Scrap It Lah's December Challenge is kinda fun to play with. Their DT Yati has come out with a combo of 3 ideas to be composed into a layout. Her main ideas was:

You are to make a layout or any project incorporating:

1) Something Green and

2) Using Black and White Photo(s) which means single or multiple photos

3) To include a quote in the layout or other projects.

Here i'm sharing my take for the challenge. I've used the Kaiser - Mumma Bushka Paper. It was Kaiser previous collection which i've been keeping it for quite a while. Now with Tihany around, i have a reason to use it. I love this picture of her...she's now in her smiling mood...and she smiles all the time. When i breastfeed her, she will stop in between feeding and just look at me with a smile. She's sooo adorable!