Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Weekend Recap

I have been such a bad blogger lately. I'm not sick anymore just that when i'm totally healthy ...i'm always energetic to do something everyday. I started on another minibook. I know I shouldn't as there are about four other things ahead of it in the queue, but sometimes you just gotta work on what inspires you. I decided to start messing up with acrylic album and picture shown below is a little sneak peek.

I'm also busy ordering more stuff for the shop and also myself. I saw this lovely Paper Artsy is sooooo hard for me to say no. They finally arrived after 10 days of waiting. Can't wait to start on my new project and play with it.

Finally i managed to get hold of Martha Stewart Punches....OMG they are sooooo damn lovely...i know some of you might have it like for the longest time...but it seems so hard for me to find one. I finally bid on ebay....and yahoooo...its mine.

I've started my 2nd term teaching at Garden and i was really bogged down with the syllabus last week. It is a great pleasure to see more and more new students taking up scrapbooking and the comeback of my old students.

That is pretty much all for now. Catch up soon ya.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Just playing..

This is my practice piece using mix media....after a long break, i decided to just have fun and play with it.

My excitement

I can't describe my excitement per my gynae I am expecting a baby girl. I'm so thrilled that it makes me wanna scrap another LO today. I really hope it is indeed a girl....even though the gynae has confirmed it but I really really hope it will be a reality...hehe...I hardly scrap girl's LO since I have 2 boys...but now I have an excuse to start scrapping girl's LO. I'm blessed!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


I am grateful that both of my kids had fully recovered. It was so not nice when they are not well ...what's more in the hospital. I decided to get my fingers started on scrapping before i loose my grip completely. Is hard to took me like 2 hours to complete this LO. I took this photo 3 days after Zharif was discharged from hospital. Decided to scrap this remember the moment he was at the hospital. No picture were taken during the stay as i was ill too...hehe.

My Blog...I love You

Busy week...

Been camping at Gleneagles Hospital for almost a week. Its all started with this sickness called Rotavirus.

Being sick is not fun at all. But we all well now, back home and i started making art and living my old life. Ohhh...i really miss my blogs and mostly my scrapping room.

Zharif is getting more cheekier than ever since he got well. Look at his hair....we're such bad parents...we love his curly so much and we decided not to cut it. Leaving him as messy as ever. busy with his performance...he's having his mega concert this Sunday. He told me that he will be singing Grease Lighting....hmm..i wonder what song is that. He's also getting a little vain than before. Concerns how he look like...always checking himself out in front of the mirror.

This is my work in progress that has been due for soooooooo long. I just have to get it out of my system. This is supposed to be a belated birthday gift for my brother in law. I still need to fine tune a little more before i could let u all see the final. Suddenly i realise that i have sooooo much on my plate. I am due teaching again on 20 April....arrrghhhh....the syllabus!