Thursday, May 14, 2009

Few Layouts to Share

This is what I've been working on the past couple of days. I felt bad a little that its been a long time since I scrapped my kids picture. I have so many of their will be totally insane to scrap everything. Also I find it hard too to scrap a very clean layout. I think I identify to a messy scrapper...the messier it looks..the more I feel satisfied. This time I'm trying to stay as clean as possible.Believe me it is hard but I kinda like the outcome.

Other than that, really nothing exciting. My back pain is really killing me...started my physio session at Prince Court and I really hope it will help a bit.

I'm still hooked up to 3D layouts....a pic of my niece when she was about a year plus.

This is Zharif @ 3 months...hmm...missing all the moments..
Qawiem @ 2 months
Qawiem @ 3 months


iza said...

gorgeous nadhrah.great pages...

Scrappingglitz said...

Hi iza, aaw....thanks for the compliment...u r too kind with words la