Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Little Genius

The love of my life, Zharif is the middle child of our family. As mom, I have often poo pooed the idea of the very existance of "middle child syndrome". However since Tihany was born, he seems to be showing lots of tantrums but thankfully he has slow down now. I was having a chat with his school teacher the other day and she was mentioning how Zharif would always wants to be notice. He wants attention!

As much as i tried to be fair to my 3 kids sometimes i slip away. Maybe i was giving too much to Qawiem and he noticed. I might be feeding Tihany and he wants me to read to him. The rejection on his face.... the looks...ohhh really breaks my heart. How on earth do i give out fairly? Maybe somebody might have a solution to this....coz sometimes i'm clueless!

This photos of Zharif was taken at Christmas party last week at his school. He's constantly wants to do everything to just impress me....Like showing me how he can join together the puzzle.He was holding my hands all the time. Oh Zharif...even you didn't impress me...mama will always be proud of you. I love you so dearly!


Chowchow said...

Love the Mr Genius aka Mr Noodle lo. I am sure he knows that you love him Mama. Just spend more time with him when you can and everything will be alright.