Friday, October 17, 2008

My poor little Zharif

We've all been there ...for all mothers. You wake up one morning to get ready for work and realize your child has a fever or whatever sickness it may be! Not only do you feel terrible for your little one, but the stress instantly sets in knowing you have a pile of things to get done at work, but also need to take care of your sick baby. But i'm grateful that I don't feel that guilt anymore coz I'm no longer working now. Nevertheless, I still feel awful when my child is sick. Zharif is down with asthma attack again. He was fine initially...with just a slight cough. But the fact that I didn't know he was actually not ok make me feel even worse. When I got him to the doc....his blood has thickened due to insufficient oxygen coz he wasn't breathing properly. With the help of the doctor, managed to clear his slight pneumonia and he's recovering well. I received many calls, messages and visits from people I called friend. Well, it does means a lot to me...from the bottom of my heart, I say thank you.