Thursday, October 23, 2008

He's better now

Look at him...he's back into action! I'm so relieved that he's recovering and I'm so health conscious now (since Zharif was ill)...I bought myself today a Medklinn Air Sterilizer...a brand new German air cleaning technology that produces massive amount of negative ion (like >3 millions per second). What they say is that negative ions have many benefits and been proven to effectively

  • Remove dust particles

  • Eliminates polution from vehicle emission

  • Kills Bacteria, virus and fungi

It's been proven effective in helping people with sinus and asthma problems. I hope this product will bring good things to me since my ENT also told me today that I have bone structure problem due to my lifetime sinus issue. Sigh!


tjfran said...

Nice to see Zharif back in action again..:)

teacher jessy said...

Thank God that your little one has recovered!! You take care too :)

Chowchow said...

I am sure the little one will recover soon with all the preventive measures that you have enforced now.