Thursday, June 2, 2011

Its a relieved

I can now stretch my leg and relax. I finally finish all my big custom orders and i'm so happy that i delivered them on time. Its great to be back at my scrapping table...scrapping for myself! It was so chaotic at my scrap table for the past few weeks and my kids been complaining that i'm just so busy. Poor them...i'm all theirs for this weekend! My eldest son, Qawiem was so happy and the moment he saw me when i pick him up from school...." So u finished all your scrapwork? Can we play now?" Poor him....yes yes...we can now play!

Ohh...i did my pop class with the guy that i mentioned in my previous post....the class lasted for 5 hours! Oh well, i'm kinda impressed with him...he did well for a first timer! He finished everything and off he goes to his girlfriend to present his hard work! How romantic!

My re branding of my handmade shop - Glitz Creations is almost done. The new logo is ready and i'm very happy with my designer. She did an amazing job and we are now looking into extracting some graphics from Glitz blog design to be the cover for my handmade journal. The graphics will soon be my journal trademark! I'm excited! Here is the new logo....please do leave comments and i really want to know how you feel about it.

Again...i'm very grateful that i was given an opportunity by Jaime to play with Calico Kits again. I had so much fun and seriously i'm in love with Calico now! Be it layout or canvas....papers are just versatile and easy to work with. Here is my creations..

Btw, June kits is now available @ 3 Scrappy Boys. Do check them out. I will update in the next post on my new projects using their main kit. The kits is to die for...everything looks yummy it it. Here is peeks...

Till again...take care..


Blossom inch said...

what a busy week and now you are done, good job Nadh and your work are beautiful as always.
I like the new logo.
Those layouts from SC are just absolutely beautiful. Is that canvas? (the first picture).

Thanks for sharing!

yyam said...

Such awesome layouts! Love your attention to the little details. And your use of colours!

The logo looks really great! :)

Have a fabulous weekend!

Mazlina said...

hey you... glad to know your business is picking up.. n keeping u busy too :) love the new logo.. simple but nice! all the best!!

Sandy Ang said...

Come by here for some happy news