Thursday, March 31, 2011


Hi hi...its been a long creative weeks and i was a bit overwhelmed down here. I have a few back to back custom orders which i need to attend first. Not much help mom and hubby is away on a trip and kids are taking a little toooooo much of my time. But thank god that things are all planned out and i'm back here at my blog.

I wanted to share some photos from the Graphic Goes Green Event which took place on 19 March 2011. Met a lot of fun interesting people that opens up my eyes especially when when we are talking about craft. much handmade stuff out there. I love it. People are getting more and more creative, it just amazed me looking at the things they do.

Hoot Hoot

Some of my Eco Creations...wish i had more time to create more..

Altered Box

Handmade Stools...Awesome...That reminds me to order one for me..LOL

These are made from Gardenia Plastic Bag!

Rolls of papers...anyone?

Made from Flour!

And Rossa...great to see you again. Thanks for the support dear!
And thank you so so much for those who drop by here....i appreciate and it really makes my day.


Mazlina said...

so yummylicious goodies nadhrah!!! great work.. and yes, would love to see more! :))

Rosa said...

hey hey!! Nice to see you too. Thats what frens are for, we support each other, in whateva way we can. {Hugs}