Sunday, November 22, 2009

4 more days ...I'm 3 months old!

Things has been tough for Tihany lately. She has been diagnosed with pneumonia and we have been in the hospital for about 4 days. She is recovering now and back safe in her comfort home. That's a relieved to me. Seeing her in pain was not easy. But is all over and now all i can see is her lovely smile and waiting for her 3 months old birthday....which is 4 more days to go. So far i can see lots of movement and activity from her. It's so lovely to just sit and watch her. Lets see her milestone...

  • Social smile (checked!)
  • Track a slow moving object (checked!)
  • Coos (oohs, ah, ee) (checked!)
  • Roll part way when lying on back (not yet)
  • Coos back and forth (conversation) with parent (checked!)
  • Lifts head from prone position (checked!)
  • Hold head steady (checked!)
  • Open & close her hand (checked!)
  • Putting hand into mouth & suck them (checked!)
  • Babbles (checked!)
  • Bring hand together (checked!)
  • Attempt to reach for toy (She only look at them!)
  • Sticking out her tongue (not yet)


deana said...

She is adorable. They BOTH are!