Friday, October 23, 2009


Suddenly i'm in the mood of playing with some interesting sketches. The most appealing to me was Pencil Lines and Twisted Sketches. I think my mojo is back and it didn't take me long to finish this. Thanks to little Tihany was sleeping whole morning for me to complete this 2 LOs.

My take for Pencil Lines - Sketch #157

My take for Twisted Sketches - Sketch #020


Chowchow said...

You were not kidding when you said that you mojo is back. Woohoo babe - these 2 layouts are STUNNING! Great job and I hope all is well at home. Hugs to you and the kiddoes.

chunot76m said...

Thanks are doing ok lately.

Mazlina said...

yeah... back with a BAM!! great girlie layouts and I foreseen more gorgeous girlish layouts from you of the lovely tihany!!!

p/s: bila nak bawak barang baru nih? heheh

teacher jessy said...

I love ur takes on the sketches especially the twisted sketch one. U r definetely on the roll again!! Can't wait to see more ;)