Sunday, September 27, 2009

How different is my life now?

We just celebrated Hari Raya last week and its so excited to see my kids enjoyed the moments. It wasn't a big celebration for my family this time as i was still on confinement but we make sure the "must-have" things are new clothes for kids, traditional food....ketupat, rendang was on the table. I think my elder son started to feel the Raya spirit like receiving "duit raya" to the extend that he thinks with that money he can buy his toys! He said: See mama...i have sooo much money and coins! I think is enough for me to buy my toys! Hehe...

As for Zharif, I don't think he really understands what really happens but what he definitely does knows that the raya packets has money inside! He will open the packets , take then money and throw the empty packets. Hehe....Kids nowadays are much smarter than us.

Lately is kinda hard to find time to scrap. My hands are definitely full with the kids. By the time the kids are sleeping, i'm just too tired and my eyes are only aiming the bed! I have yet to train Tihany for her feeding schedule...basically i just feed her as when she wants it. It is just this few days, she's having colic problem.... she wants feeding almost every hour. I'm totally drained out. I hope this doesn't last long.

I'm glad that i manage to finished my DT work for this month. And few days back, i managed to scrap 1 page for Nikki's Gallery. I'm so tempted to accept some other DT work but i'm a little concern about my time management. I guessed i will just settle for whatever i have now and see how it goes with the kids. Ohh...Tihany just celebrated her 1st month birthday and she gained 1kg already. Hehe....she is starting to look chubby.

I'm off to bed now...even though i thought i should scrap at least 1 page but is almost midnite...i need to feed Tihany at 3am. I better catch up on my sleep. I'm sharing my latest LO and pictures from Raya Holidays.


Mazlina said...

looks like youre enjoying the moments.. :) good for you!

selamat hari raya!!

Edleen said...

Salam Aidilfitri Nadhrah! Baby is truly adorable and great photos of your kids :)

hope you're doing well and have a wonderful weekend!

teacher jessy said...

Ooo... baby is so adorable!! Loving all your creations!!