Sunday, August 16, 2009

Is Getting Closer...

I've decided to slow down a bit and just take it easy while waiting for my due date. Am i nervous? Err...maybe not...just a little tired and i felt really uncomfortable at this stage. I'm trying to finish all my DT assignments and let me tell you it is soooo hard to concentrate for more than 10 minutes. @ Nikki Sivils now...we are having our little DT Card Challenge among each other...and i must say this is an achievement for me to finish 4 cards within 1 day. I will post it here when we have the green light to do so. I also created 2 mini projects for Teacher's Day.....couldn't resist not to use the Henry Brilliance Collection. The owls are too awesome! Loving my Slice too....they are great for many projects.

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+farahnajiha said...

wish all went smoothly on your delivery.. :)
may you have a wonderful years ahead with your love ones.. really2 love all your creative work of art.. very detail.. ;)
all the best!

teacher jessy said...

These are wonderful projects!! Can I have that chocolate pls? Hehe!! Can't wait to see your baby. Hugs

♥ Vivs ♥ said...

I wish you a safe n smooth delivery nadhrah!

have a blessed Ramadhan


Edleen said...

love those cards :)

hope you'll rest well and have a smooth delivery! also wishing you a Blessed Ramadan :)

chunot76m said...

Thanks all....very nervous actually!. Jess...u can have the choc! Hehe