Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Blog...I love You

Busy week...

Been camping at Gleneagles Hospital for almost a week. Its all started with this sickness called Rotavirus.

Being sick is not fun at all. But we all well now, back home and i started making art and living my old life. Ohhh...i really miss my blogs and mostly my scrapping room.

Zharif is getting more cheekier than ever since he got well. Look at his hair....we're such bad parents...we love his curly so much and we decided not to cut it. Leaving him as messy as ever. busy with his performance...he's having his mega concert this Sunday. He told me that he will be singing Grease Lighting....hmm..i wonder what song is that. He's also getting a little vain than before. Concerns how he look like...always checking himself out in front of the mirror.

This is my work in progress that has been due for soooooooo long. I just have to get it out of my system. This is supposed to be a belated birthday gift for my brother in law. I still need to fine tune a little more before i could let u all see the final. Suddenly i realise that i have sooooo much on my plate. I am due teaching again on 20 April....arrrghhhh....the syllabus!