Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What's happening...

I'm so excited with my new Macbook... Been using it for few days and I'm so amazed by how razor thin and how light it is. Just 4.5 pounds, which is about 2.04 kg. And I really love the trackpad, which works in much the same way as the Apple iPhone, giving you many more options by simply moving your fingers. It’s a little difficult to photograph just how thin this MacBook is, but you can see for yourself by stopping at an Apple store or checking it out on line at http://www.apple.com/. The MacBook is truly a technological thing of beauty.

So what's up with me....I'm still totally ill and this pregnancy has taken so much toll on me. I find it difficult to get up, eat and also sleep. I've reached my 12 weeks and I'm just hoping it will get better. Our little angel has started doing some kicks and punches inside my belly! Never thought it will be this fast but probably coz this is my 3rd....most of my muscles have loosen up. Hehe..

I did try on my “skinny jeans” today and they still fit, a little tighter perhaps, but they fit. Now I will put them away and will not try them on again until a couple months after my baby is delivered. I don’t like to make myself feel bad about my body changes due to pregnancy, it is going to change and I guess I just embrace the changes and enjoy my new body.

I noticed this lately.......Do you have trouble remembering where you put your keys? Do you feel as if you can’t think straight at all? Welcome to the world of pregnancy! As if all the other changes aren’t enough. Pregnancy actually affects our brains too! Forgetfulness, spaciness, and an inability to concentrate go with the territory! I read somewhere according to the results of a recent study, a mother-to-be’s brain actually shrinks late in pregnancy! A researcher at the University of Southern California tested nineteen highly educated pregnant women and found they all had a decreased ability to concentrate and retain information in their short term memory as well as learn new information. So, I have to keep telling myself don’t worry, if I'm having trouble thinking, it’s normal. And remember, it will all go back to the way it was after I deliver. So Nadhrah, just relax and don’t worry too much about it. There are too many other things to think about right now!

Till next time...


SOHO Mama said...

Nadrah, yes I've experienced that too..my brain really shrunk now..! I dont think mine went back to the original size though haa haa...i'm still spacey and forgetful even after 8mths of giving birth to my 4th child..!