Thursday, January 1, 2009

My celebration

I spend my time celebrating new year last nite at my scrapping room....i still have loads of canvas stash that i bought sometime ago...i just feel it is time to start cracking my head and use them. Also it's been a while since i scrap my kids pics. I've been too contented with my customer orders.

I'm still in my vintagy mood...and to my follower am sure you can see the vintage elements in it. I still love the tearing and inking method. Basically my new resolution, i aimed to finish all my old scrapbook stash and make something useful. Then i'll be able to justify that i need to shop again! Hehe..

This picture was taken 2 months ago...lately it's been hard to capture good pics with my 2 kids together especially when Qawiem refuses to sit still next to his bro.