Monday, December 22, 2008

Scary Headline

Today headlines in local newspaper here....15 housing estates in Ampang and Pandan face possible landslides!

Huh? Is this my area?.... a fren of mine called this morning and ask me the same thing....that sounds scary though... i really hope not. I've been sitting here with my dearie computer since 5 hours ago...i just felt bored kids and no hubby today and NO scrapping. I can seems to push myself to do anything. Arrggghhh...this is torturing. By right I should have more energy and feel a lot more focus on things now. But i feel otherwise...sigh

One thing for sure...i managed to upgrade both blogs...yey...i just love them! It took me 2 days to decide which skin to use....adding missing widgets.....this is also tiring. Maybe am getting slightly older.

I just finished editing my kids latest photos.....hmm...where are they now? Started missing my kiddos already. Dun worrie...they are safe and sound at mom's place.