Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Sand, The Sun and the Sky at Krabi

Despite how much I wanted to update my blog, lately I feel time is never enough for me...I keep wishing I had more and more. So much things to do and things I plan to is hard to get things to fall into place lately. I'm so relieved I finally let few guilts out from my head.....1) I maximised my hubby's credit card...gosh! thats scary....2) I banged my car again..... what's new with me???? seems my life is a bit out of track. When I used to was pretty organised....I used to be so good managing people's life but that has passed! I can't even organised mine properly....Sigh

I've just got back from Krabi, a lovely province in south of Thailand with many well known and beautiful beaches and islands. Short break but good getaway for me and hubby. Nothing great to share except few nice shots.

Beautiful surroundings of KrabiPeace Laguna
Sunset @ Krabi
Shud try this - comfy flipflops at RM15
Local Thai Girl
Beach Town
Underground Spa
Pankarang Restaurant
Ao-nang Beach
Local Thai Waitress


Chowchow said...

beautiful shots Nadhrah. Hope you had a good holiday...

teacher jessy said...

Nice shots babe!! Aiks, no picture of you and DH? Hehe :)

Scrappingglitz said...

Not allowed to post our pics! Thanks babe

teacher jessy said...


Liza said...

Gorgeous shots Nadhrah! Love the shots of the locals!!