Thursday, September 11, 2008

Malaysian Services

I'm really in a very stressed maid is going back soon and looking for a good one is really a pain. With insufficient supplies of maid who prefers to work with 'mat saleh' doesn't make it any easy for me. I'm still searching high and low for a good agent but somebody told me that there is no such thing as good is all about your luck...the agents are all the same! Maybe it's true....With the business I'm running and 2 little boys at home, without any helper I'd probably go mad! Yesterday I spent 5 hours at Putrajaya Immigration just to extend my maid's stay for only 1 month....and it took me that long before they could attend to me. And yet, that isn't the end of it....I still have to go back there by end of the month to do her departure memo. Arrrrggghhh....and at the same time I was trying to call Air Asia to check on why my flight booking for her is still pending....trying for 12 solid hours...practically calling them from 9.30am to 10.30pm....and I'm still being put on hold! Bravo...big thanks to Malaysian services.


Edleen said...

Yikes! i sincerely hope everything will turn out alright in the end.

Take care and enjoy the weekend :)

Chowchow said...

Oh no Nadhrah - why dont you save yourself the hassle and get Sri Nadin to process her exit stamp? Only RM50 babe.