Monday, August 25, 2008

What does Merdeka mean to you?

'What does Merdeka mean to you?' and I'm sure all of you must have different reasons and mixed reactions & responses to this question. To me, 'Merdeka' means that I have a place I can call home and I can proudly say it to the world, 'I'm Malaysian'. Though at this point in life I dun feel like saying this, hehehe..... But this still means that I am not illegal nor I am stateless. I am free to leave the house and I don't live in fear.

Even though Qawiem doesn't really understand the meaning of Merdeka ...but he's been singing Sudirman song - Tanggal 31 over and over again. When I ask him whether he wants to see the merdeka celebration this year - he says "no...I'm scared's too noisy".

P/S: He is referring to the fire crackers show at KLCC that he once experienced

While Qawiem is busy singing, Zharif is still in his own world of Ultraman....look at him...imitates every single move of his brother. I'm not suprise if tomorrow he sings Tanggal 31....